Solar comparison , readings on a cloudy day

New to Solar, have Solaredge…

Here my output on a cloudy day, vs sunny day. Is it typical to see it be this “jaggy” , see picts.

Cloudy day

No clouds

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Nice, looks like Sense support helped you get through config issues issue, huh ? More joy when the readings start to make sense.

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We’re still sorting through some other issues, with significant phantom”load” that shows up and tracks when solar is generating…

Yes you’ll see a “jaggy” solar waveform with cloud activity and any other fast-ish shading events. You can in theory correlate the cloud speed with the solar “slope” as power ramps down and up.

Interestingly you might also catch peaks that go above the trending smooth curve that I guess you could call the cloud-free curve. Why? Because clouds are generally pretty reflective so they give you a partial double hit of the solar radiation. This is also why a bright sunny Winter day with snow on the ground and a passing puffy cloud can give you an all-time peak above even a maximum Summer one.


That’s crazy!, cool……thanks