Interesting Solar view when Cloudy


I have noticed an interesting Solar view on a day to day basis.

Since I keep an eye on my solar readings over the days of operation I have noticed quite an interesting view. Normally when the Solar is in operation there is a fairly uniform Sine Wave from sunrise to sunset. This happens a lot as we are in the desert and there are a lot of days without clouds.

Its quite a different view when the clouds go over. But the cloud cover does have a very distinct and broken graphic view on the meter.

MMmm. Maybe I should include views for both views.
Last week I had several days with little other things to obstruct the view as I was not at home for several days and the house was shut down.

Maybe this is why Sense refuses to process other objects when they are on the same panel as the Solar Sub panel. But here in the desert there are many, many clear days.

Carol :smiley:

Mostly Clear through out the day.

Cloudy through out the day.