Bug report

This evening I noticed my solar going a little haywire. Seems to have a parallel component showing up as static in my main feeds. Sun’s been down for hours now…


Have not observed before today. I’d email support but seems like this may be a better way to draw attention and provide pictures…

Seems to have stopped after a few hours last night. I’ll pay closer attention to it.

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Let us know if that happens again and we can dig into it!

Seems to be getting worse, now appearing in the daytime as well. I’ve sent a follow-up report to Carleigh. To me it looks like a faulty CT - just one, not both :slight_smile:

Images of fluctuations after dark (note only the left CT seems to be affected):

Images of sharp drops during the day (cloudless days this week):

Yikes. Sorry to hear that, Nick.

Alex is doing some digging and is going to reach out in the next day. If you can, hold off on installing the replacement monitor I understand that you were sent, until he gets in touch. And of course, feel free to message me in the meantime if you need.

Sure thing, Ben! I’ll wait to hear from Alex. For the record, Saturday and Sunday looked OK, but it was happening intermittently Monday and today…