Failing CT or...?



Just started noticing this yesterday afternoon… Well, come to think of it I may have noticed it one day last week too, but it’s been on and off over the past couple days now.

This is my dryer running, which should be nice plateaus. Since I started seeing this, I get large spikes up and down, seemingly in hour+/- bursts. I’ve tried resetting, which seemed to help for a while, but now it’s back :confused: when I look at my settings, it’s one CT that’s doing the fluctuating.

Not sure where to go from here.


Getting curiouser and curiouser. At some point this afternoon it started tracking one of my solar leads. I’m starting to think less ct failure and more processing failure. Looking back to yesterday, it happened towards sunset as well. Attaching pics from today.

Moved load CTs to feed from meter and Sense is really confused now

I think there may be something strange going on too as today I had a recognized light go on and it put it in unknown. Then I turned it off and turned it back on and it was recorded for the light. But when I turned it off the bubble for the light and the usage did not change and when I turned it on again unknown went on and total power usage went up showing that the light was actually running at twice its 450 watt power draw (half listed under the light and half listed in unknown) :frowning:


Reset everything and recalibrated, now it’s reading upside down!

… that’s our stove top, in negative, while one main is still tracking the solar.

Wasn’t there an update a couple days ago? Hopefully that was it and they can do a fix :confused:


Reset again this morning, still negative readings on the mains. Wasted about two hours on this issue so far the past two days. Not interested in wasting too much more of my valuable time. :confused:


Hi there, It looks like you have a bad CT clamp. A member of our support team will be reaching out to you to coordinate an exchange. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support at Apologies for the inconvenience!


Thank you Rhoda. I have yet to hear from support after emailing them on Sunday, and at this point I wouldn’t really expect to have a fix until after the holidays. Since I’ve only had my device for a little over a month now, it’s been down for a little more than 10% of the days I’ve had it. By the time I have a fix that’ll be more like 30%.

For the inaccurate watt readings, can you give us some details on the problem and a suggested timeline for a fix, and the nature of that fix?

Does the problem involve sending out units which hadn’t been calibrated? That would certainly explain why we’re all seeing disparity, but our differences aren’t the same in magnitude or direction. I am trying to gauge whether Sense remains a viable option for me. If you’ll be sending out cts it’d maybe be a good opportunity to also send out a unit you knew had been calibrated to see if the accuracy disparities remain. Appreciate your time.

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