Single CT shows 0W until


Has anyone else had one of their CTs stop reporting any current going through it?

What’s odd is, eventhough it doesn’t report any current on its own leg, it looks like it might be getting bleedover from the second CT when high current draw happens (HVAC/Water Heater)


I don’t know how new your installation is but I accidentally looped another wire with the CT clamp that gave a false reading on my initial installation. Another common problem is if when closing the box pressure is applied to one of the clamps forcing it to be ever so partially open. That will do it too. Hope that helps.



Thanks for the reply. My sense has been installed for about a year now and has been sensing the loads fine until maybe a couple days ago. I haven’t been in the box for a few months so it shouldn’t have been disturbed. I figured I could power cycle it or take the CT off and reattach it but figured I would check with the community to see if the resolution was already discovered.


That is definitely abnormal. My first instinct would be a CT sensor opened or otherwise installed correctly, but since it’s been installed for a year, that’s unlikely (unless you have ghosts?). You should contact Support for this one and they can definitely figure out what went wrong -


Abnormal indeed…seems to have fixed itself:


Sounds like a bad CT. Support should definitely be able to get you all fixed up.

Maybe you can toss it into Mt Doom when you finally get out of Mirkwood? :mage:


I had this problem, rebooted my sense and it corrected (My solar was also showing negative) but that was a few months ago, I never opened a ticket for it.