Negative on 1 main initially

My mains for a newly installed sense monitor are showing -1785W and 2231W. I have two other sense monitors at two other houses and they are registering both positive and close to the actual watts shown in the now live stream. The live stream for this one is 447W which is no where close to what the mains are showing. Is this only because it hasn’t been calibrated yet or did I do something wrong in the install?

Shortly after sending the above to support this showed up:

Any ideas? Thank in advance!

Mine looked the similar without sending anything to support. I’d wait for the calibration to complete.


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It appears that you may have possibly turned one of the CT clamps opposite the flow of electricity and the other one correctly with the flow.
There are arrows on the clamps to show which way they should be turned.
I agree with @KingAZ and would follow the message given to you in App and see if Sense can correct itself or somehow compensate for it.
I seriously doubt the monitor is actually doing anything but sending you the message but has also submitted its own trouble ticket and is waiting for intervention from support. You may have to wait until they are open again for this to be addressed.

Both clamps are facing the same way (both have label up), just like I have done for my other two. Is it possible I put one on the wrong “main?” I put the CT censors on the left two of the three largest black “mains” in the pic.

Did you notice that it changed to 10W and 251W less than an hour later? Does that trigger any thoughts?

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Looking at your screenshots I’m puzzled…

It starts with the calibration shot at 23:25, and already shows 1 device in the very next shot and 13 devices found in the last shot ONE MINUTE LATER than the calibration screen…?

That aside, I believe any time it’s negative the CT’s are flipped the wrong way but support claims they can ‘fix’ this on their side without touching the CT’s. My first monitor went through the calibration with no issues, my replacement was literally plugged into without touching the original install and it showed the ‘hmm…sense identified a problem’ during calibration.

This is usually the case, so it may just be a matter of time before things get fixed. I would suggest waiting on Support’s response before fiddling further.

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Indeed if one CT is flipped as suggested you’ll get this behavior but support will work that out. Meanwhile, in your original comment … if you add the per-leg wattages you get 2231W - 1785W = 446W … which was your Power Meter (“live stream”) wattage … well, close enough.

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Is it necessary to submit a ticket for this problem or do you think the calibration will fix it automatically?

Are you experiencing this immediately post install? Sense should fix itself, but if it hasn’t after a couple of days, shoot a ticket over to Support.