Has anyone else gotten one of these e-mails from Sense?



Good Morning,

We wished to reach out to you as your monitor was recently flagged during our automated signal checks as experiencing a potential issue. From the data that we have received, it shows that there may be an issue in the energy reporting by one of the current sensors. In order to attempt to resolve this issue, we would recommend that your installer perform the following steps:

  1. Power off the Sense monitor by flipping the breaker it is attached to.
  2. Detach the cord which connects the current sensors to the Sense monitor.
  3. Unclamp one of the current sensors from around the main electrical line.
  4. Check the inside of the clamp to ensure that the metallic connections are free of rust, dirt, and corrosion. If needed, the sensor can be cleaned using a dry cloth.
  5. Re-clamp the current sensor around the same electrical line it was on previously. (Please note that failure to return the clamps to orignal lines will result in loss of data)
  6. Repeat this process for the other current sensor.
  7. Once both current sensors have been checked, ensure that they are securely clamped around the main electrical lines once again.
  8. Securely re-connect the current sensors to the Sense monitor.
  9. Power the Sense monitor back on by flipping the breaker.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Have a great day!

Happy Sensing,

Sense Customer Support

*** Sense always recommends a licensed electrician when opening your electrical panel. ***


I received this same email a couple of weeks ago. They are seeing that over time that some sensors transmit lower quality signals to the monitor, and they think this may be caused by corrosion to the pins inside the sensor connector. They are currently working on a solution to this issue.


Thanks Andrew! Maybe I’ll wait to see if they get a fix until I address this. An electrician could easily cost me $200 to do a house call.


Are you seeing any evidence of a problem?

About 8-10mos ago I was seeing one leg acting up. Sense support had me disconnect the CT from the unit and reconnect it. That worked for a couple of weeks, then the static appearance on my graphs started showing up again. I disconnected the CTs from Sense again, blew out the ports, reconnected and have not seen a problem since then.


Definitely - no/random data in app. It’s crazy that they see it as well - kind of big-brotherish.

Honestly, this will make me rethink the whole Sense thing. I just doesn’t make financial sense :grin:. Already have a lot invested ($350+$200 install) and now I need to spend more to get an electrician out?!? I will do a lot on my home but not electrical work. It might be time to cut my losses on this boondoggle.


Did you ever reach out to sense support?


Awe man, you must know at least one person, a neighbor or friend, who’s savvy on things like breaker boxes to do this for you, and still kind enough to check it out. It’s essentially a re-installation, but easier since they are simply disconnecting & reconnecting each wire/connector as they originally found it. Truly a 10min job for someone whose never seen sense but has had experience inside their own breaker box.
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I got one of those in November, I had just had solar installed and one of the cts popped open when putting the cover back on the panel.