Solar Change?


I have two ways to monitor my solar generation; Sense and micro-converter software. Typically the numbers are very, very close. Today I noticed a huge difference, Sense being 1,500 watts higher. Now I wish Sense was correct but I think there are physics involved which would make that improbable if not impossible.

Did something change?


How do your daily graphs look? Anything out of the ordinary?


Much noisier solar graph; lots of up/down spikes rather than nice gradual curve. Now today, everything looks normal.


Without seeing a picture I have one anecdote - I was seeing a lot of flux in both solar and usage a few months ago. Based on advice from Sense, I pulled both leads out of the unit and blew - like you’d do for a Nintendo cartridge back in the day. That seemed to have solved the problem. Another anecdote - one year to the day after I installed my sense, the device went haywire. The next day and ever since it’s been fine.

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