Speed up or Improve Device Detection


I know this is a topic discussed often and probably on everyone’s mind. Is there anything we can do to improve or speed up device detection?

I have a Sense on my lower power panel with only a few devices such as my home server (router and stuff as well - always on), entertainment center (which is usually off), mini fridge, water heater, Heat pump, some lights and that’s about it. So far the only thing that was detected is the mini fridge. The water heater is on probably every 10-15 minutes since the house has a gravity recirculation system and the heat pump quite often as well. I expected it to find the water heater fairly quickly since its a generic 2 element unit. The heat pump I thought might be more difficult since it has a variable speed fan and compressor.

That said, any tips? or just wait?


The only thing I have done that seems to speed up detection is to to turn things on an off with as much frequency as possible, in a separable way. Example: My thermostats have a feature that allows you to turn the fans on for some length of time each hour regardless of heating and cooling cycle - I set for 5 minutes per hour. Seems to help both in terms of balance temp throughout the house and helped Sense identify fan blowers separate from heating igniter/blower and AC compressor. Upstairs and downstairs compressors and fans are very reliably detected nowadays.

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