Stepwise installation of Flex system with smart plugs recommendable?

I just got a new sense Flex system and four smart plugs and would like to know if it’s a good strategy to first hook up the sense device alone and hold off on installing the Flex extensions and smart plugs until a month or two later until the system has had some time to recognize devices natively. I would then pick the circuits for DCMonitoring for devices that hadn’t been identified by that time and likewise install the smart plugs for devices that hadn’t been identified.

I had a sense system about 1.5 years ago (without Flex or smart plugs), but returned it again, because I was not happy with the (few) number of devices it identified within a month’s time (AC, freezer, fridge, one light fixture, stove (burners), toaster oven). I’m now trying again hoping to improve on the device recognition using DCM and smart plugs.

@oehl ,
I’m thinking that you will see better results with Sense this go round, especially with DCM and smart plugs. I agree that you should wait a while before deciding how to apply the DCM and smart plugs. Quite honestly, Sense is still going to have difficulties detecting most consumer electronics and variable dc motors that use electronic controls (including battery powered garage door openers). So I would try using one of the smart plugs as a traveler, plugging in different 120V electronics throughout l your house for 24-48 hours per device, so you can capture typical operation and a smart plug calculated Always On for each device. That’s going to help you determine where to use the smart plugs.

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