Surprisingly high subwoofer standby power

Well, my speaker system (JBL SCS180.6) is not the newest but works fine. During use, the 150W subwoofer typically uses about 15W unless I really crank up the volume. There is a selection switch in the back for “On” or “Auto”. On “auto” it will go to standby if no signal is received and turn on automatically if needed (the current state is indicated by an LED (green=On, red=standby).

What surprised me was that while in standby that thing still uses about 9W of power! (as reported via tp-link HS300). Seems high but apparently normal for these kinds of devices. (I am tempted to put it on a switched outlet, triggered when the receiver is turned on but probably not worth the effort). I wonder if more recent subwoofers have a more pronounced standby advantage.

My 25 year old Paradigm PW 2200 subwoofer works similarly. Standby is around 6W. I have it on a KP115 right now and turn it off for stretches. I keep thinking about using IFFFT to turn it on when my AV receiver goes on an off when the AV receiver goes off, but haven’t yet.

Not subwoofers but - I have several different generations of Sonos Amps.
Connect:Amp uses about 5 w at idle (6 if you leave Wifi on).
The new “Amp” uses about 6-7w in standby.

So it feels like your subwoofer is right in line.

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Does your AVR have an outlet or two on the back to power other equipment? Some do, some don’t. If so they are often switched with the AV power and you could plug in your sub into that outlet to toggle it automagically.

Good thought. But sub is on the far side of room (30 feet) from the AV receiver/AV cabinet with two well trafficked walkways between the two. A shielded audio signal coax runs between the AV cabinet and the sub, through floor and wall. But it would be hard to fit an extension cord to that path, plus not to code.

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sounds like I should check my velodyne sub reading this… I also keep it on auto.
now I just need to pick up a hs300, or a single. not sure which…
I am new here, just got my sense and flex clamps setup the other day

My current receiver does not have power outlets, but a USB port that can be configured to be either (A) always on or (B) only on if the receiver is on. Using option B, I could wire the USB voltage into a relay that switches the subwoofer outlet. There are certainly turnkey options available (example). I wonder how many years I would have to use it until I recover the investment. :smiley:

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