Survey: Home or Portable Generators?

I would be interested to know the number of SENSE users who might have a home generator system. Thanks

Public Survey:

    1. Users with no power backup system.
    1. Users with home generators with an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)
    1. Users with home (or portable) generators and no ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)
    1. Users with only battery backup

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Hi @Dcdyer, it may not be your intent or impression, but in case it is, I just wanted to flag that “Views” is not equal to number of unique people who have read the tread. Views is calculated various ways depending on if a user is logged in or not, IP address, number of views in a day etc…

So the 33 out of 194 is not saying that 17% of people viewing have voted. It could well be that 90% of people who have viewed have voted. But views and votes don’t line up because people have some back to view again as you update the post, or to just to see if the survey has changed etc…

I might also suggest a topic title change to Survey: Home Generators or something like that as to not cause anyone to not open the post because they don’t have an ATS

@ben I agree with your comments. ‘Views’ is not equal to ‘people’ (or users), which is why I stated ‘views’. The DISCOURSE APP does not log who looked at a forum post, just the number of times it has been reviewed.

I only posted the same information that other users can check for themselves.

I think you are correct. Changing the title to a more generic name would be better. The original title is the name that the ‘SENSE PR team’ gave this topic.

My goal is to encourage more people to vote so that a better statistical number is generated for the poll. I am open to adding more voting options if someone has a home setup that is not represented.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. “Winter is coming.” I hope you are able to purchase a generator and change your vote to ‘a user with a home generator’.

Scroll to the ‘top entry’ to enter your vote.

If you have not voted, please vote!

Scroll back to the ‘first entry’ in this thread and cast your vote. Thanks

Actually you may have missed one sort of.
Portable generator with a manual transfer switch and if they had them at the time, automatic transfer switch that connects behind your meter.
Both can be used with a portable or standby generator.