Generator Connected via Mechanically Interlocked Breaker

I recently installed a Sense monitor in my outdoor service panel (just after the meter) here, after purchasing the Flex package on Amazon. I had been considering Sense, and other monitoring options, but when I saw that the Flex package supported generator use/monitoring, I decided to pull the trigger on the upgraded package with the additional CTs. Of course, with further research after-the-fact, I discovered that only standby generators connected via a transfer switch are supported. Mine is connected via a mechanically interlocked breaker, so for now, my original plan isn’t panning out.

There had been a workaround last year where Sense support could accommodate this configuration, but as of last December, unfortunately that option went away. On the surface it wouldn’t seem like much of a stretch to support this type of connection, but evidently the ‘signature’ that Sense sees is sufficiently different from a transfer switch connected generator, that they are not currently supporting it.

Not wanting to give up too easily, I tried both generator config options in the iOS app – switching over to generator power each time with ~3kW load – but no luck. Then I tried the solar option, pretending as if my generator were supplying power as a solar inverter might. Still no luck. Reached out to support after these multiple failures, only to get the confirmation of “not currently supported”.

I searched in this topic but didn’t see a close match, thus my post here today, requesting that this additional generator connection method be supported. Thanks for your consideration Sense!


Thanks for adding this to the wishlist @SBI .

Right after release, this portion was not clarified on our end and Support was able to manually make changes in the backend to get this to work. In the end, this was extremely tedious and time-consuming for our Support team, and the changes that they were making were not scalable solutions. Since release, Support is no longer able to make this manual change due to changes in our back-end.

If you would like to see this feature from Sense, you’ve done the right thing by adding it here for others to upvote.

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To: @SBI
You might try this idea.

If your power is out at your house, then there is a high probability that the power is also out at your neighborhood network connection server. If that’s the case, then SENSE will not be able to transmit any data. You want to be able to measure how much wattage you are consuming from your portable generator during an emergency and not rely on a remote server connection.

I have the same setup that you have and also wanted SENSE to detect my power usage. I have several blogs where I discussed my setup.

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@JustinAtSense , thanks for the clarification/confirmation on this. Hopefully others that may want this feature will also weigh-in.

@Dcdyer , appreciate the additional info and feedback. Though I didn’t link to them in my original post, I did benefit from reviewing your earlier posts about this from last summer. If only to realize I wasn’t the only one struggling with the issue! :sunglasses:

I have exactly the same situation as you have with your generator. I have not spent the money to add additional CT’s because they are not supported. Hopefully enough users with the same issue will voice their request to support manual transfer switches for generators.


I have a similar setup as SBI and would also like to see an offering from Sense to monitor the generator