Time shown on Sense is 11 minutes slow


The time shown on sense timeline does not agree with my ipad time.

The time for the event hot tub on does not agree with Smartthings time of the event.

Any ideas of why this is occurring?


Hey @dennynh,

That’s really strange! Is it still doing that? Have you tried closing and reopening the app?


I received the following message from Sense suggesting how to fix this problem.

"We have rebooted the monitor, so could you log out of your account, force stop the app and log back into the account? If this doesn’t fix the issue, please let us know. "

I did these steps and my timeline is now correct. Yah!!

Thanks Sense for the prompt reply to my issue.


Mine is doing the same thing except it is 42 minutes slow. reading 4:13 PM right now instead of 4:55
I guess I have to contact Sense so they can reboot the monitor. I tried logging out, force stopping the app, and logging back in but that did nothing.


Mine has been fine since I reset it. Good luck

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