Change time zone

I have changed the time zone on the iOS app, This has not carried over to the on line app.,
Also it has not updated on the iOS app after 2 days.

Another item I have solar that is working and showing production.
On the on line app the solar shows disabled>>??

What do I need to do to correct this.


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Wow. I can’t even find how to change the timezone. Lol.
Since you’ve updated your time zone have you logged out of both the web app AND the ios app? Then logged back in?

Yes I have logged out and back in on both.

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Just for clarity, I meant to say be logged out of both at the same time prior to logging back into either app… Perhaps you did that, though.

Are you sure you changed the time zone and not just the location? If you go to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor, is it showing the correct time zone?

I just asked Support about the web app issue. I’ll let you know what I hear.

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Logged out both, and rebooted both.

And, Yes changed time zone. in iOS app and showing correct time zone.

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What was your method for changing the time zone in the app?

Try clearing your browser cache and then logging out and in again. If that doesn’t solve it, then I think an email to Support is in order. I’ve never come across this problem before.

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The only place where changing the time zone is in the iOS app. That is where I did it.


*On line app, Power Meter has correct time per time-line at bottom of graph.
Sense Monitor still shows New York time – Do not really care about this as the timeline is correct.

  • iOS shows incorrectly timeline on Trends tab, and on now tab.

And now I can not even find where to change the time zone, I must have just changed the location to try to correct the time issue.

You’ll have to open a help desk ticket and reset your unit (and thus lose everything discovered to date).

At least thats what I had to do a year ago. I dont know if things have changed since then.

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This doesn’t sound like this will necessitate a data reset, but this should definitely be directed towards Support. You cannot change your timezone in the Sense app. It has to be done by a Support agent.

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Hey guys does anyone knows how to chnage the timezone using the android app??
I tried resetting data but no results and i just cant find fhe setting for this

You cannot change your timezone in the Sense app. It has to be done by a Support agent.

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