Time in sense is a few hours off. Anyone having same issue?

I seem to have lost usage data between 9am and 1pm today which has thrown off the time in my sense account.

I verified v20, v21 of the iOS app. Same with the web access. I also verified my location within the app.

Actual time is now 4:22PM, Sense app slows 1:58PM but live feed is accurate based on devices turning on/off now

This is my live feed.
A/C and freezer came on just before 4PM. Freezer went off around 4:22PM

If you go to Settings > Sense Monitor, what does it show for time zone in the top card?

I don’t recall checking the timezone yesterday, I only looked at location. Right now the time zone shows America/Toronto.

I logged a service request just after 4pm and then rebooted the sense monitor at about 6pm. Live feed corrected itself but it did not adjust the the timestamp of previous devices(between 9am and 6pm). So the data is about 2.5 hrs off (Big spike aroung 1:30pm actually happened around 4pm)

We did have a system outage yesterday from about 6pm to 11pm EST, so it’s possible that had something to do with it. I was going to suggest submitting a Support ticket for this one, but it sounds like you already did that. I’m very curious what they say because I’ve never seen an issue like this before.

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