Too Many On/Off Cycles Reported

Not a huge deal but Sense is reporting many more on/off cycles for some Hair Rollers because, like most heating elements, it comes up to temperature and then turns on momentarily to maintain the heat level. I’d like to be able to set a time threshold for the on or off cycle like you can do with the always on devices but don’t see a way to do that. In the case of the hair rollers for example, Sense is reporting they turned on/off 6 times this morning when it was actually 1 cycle. I presume I will see the same inaccuracy in reporting with all such heated elements (like irons, coffee warmers, etc) as Sense discovers and reports on them.

I am not seeing that screen for this device. You are looking at a smart plug and those are treated differently for some reason

You’re right - smart plugs are treated differently because the built-in power monitoring can distinguish small power changes and measure exact power levels. Native Sense detection looks for transitions to detect devices. So a smart plug can be “programmed” to see On, Off and Standby levels. Sense will also determine Always On values for devices on smart plugs.

Invest in a Smartplug for it and skip 2 Starbucks.

Otherwise I guess you have to live with it.

I have 3 smart plugs installed already on the always on devices like computers, entertainment center and refrigerator. (and I really don’t like Starbucks). I won’t be putting them on every electrical socket in the house (like the socket that the rollers are plugged into). I am surprised that there is not a management option on regular devices to allow the user to set a time delay so it ignores on/off events rather than creating unreal “times on” numbers for the device as most heating type devices would benefit from this addition to avoid misleading reporting. Perhaps in the next software upgrade