TP-Link HS103P2

Please add support for the TP-Link HS103P2 Smart Plug

Hi. Sense integrated smart plugs which have energy monitoring capabilities… this helps provide ground truth energy readings from 120V devices which the HS103P2 cannot provide.
Do you already own these plugs you requested?

Hi! Thanks for the quick response. I just bought WEMO Mini Smart Plugs, but also just found out I needed the Insight. :frowning:

The issue I’m running into is the form factor of the currently supported plugs. I can only get one per outlet.

Yes. wemo insight is better about outlet sharing, but tp-link hs110 plugs kinda share if the bottom plug is small, like a lamp plug.
There are a dozen reasons why the tp-link hs110 is better… but outlet sharing is the only con I know of.

These work nicely with the HS110s in non-cosmetic applications.