Tracking 240V devices with smart plugs

I was quite happy to see the TP-Link integration. But those devices don’t monitor the high energy devices like a/c units and water heaters.

Is there any device capable of integrating with Sense and offer that type of granular energy usage information for these high draw devices that are wired for 220V?

It’s definitely an unofficial solution, but @kingces95 pulled it off by putting a smart plug on each phase. See here: Ok to splice in two Kasa plugs to each pole of a split AC?

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Thanks @qrnef! I saw the link and saw @kingces95 was able to pull the data. It’s a great proof of concept but it’s definitely not practical for me. With 4 spilt a/c units, a dryer, a water pump and water heater all wired for 240V, I was hoping someone in the community knew of a finished product that could do it.

Any idea why we don’t see devices that can do that? Is that it is more difficult to design a product to measure 240V? Is that there isn’t a market for those types of devices? What happens in countries where 240V is the native voltage?

The HS110 can measure 240v. Just gotta make sure you don’t run too many Amps thru it. So the hot water heater is prob out…

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