Trane ComfortLink Thermostats


I recently had a new Trane heatpump/furnace system installed that’s controlled by one of their smart thermostats. I’m skeptical that Sense will detect the heatpump because it’s infinitely variable and slowly ramps-up to its selected speed, anywhere from 30-100%. The thermostat communicates all of this over WiFi, so it’s plausible that Sense would be able to correlate the usage with the thermostat.

Until that happens, I’d love a smart monitor for hard-wired devices. A Wemo with induction clamps.


We have the same ramping on our Carrier ( Infinity ). Goes per the manual 40-100 percent. Most of the time it runs around 40 percent. Starts at 65 percent for less then a minute… Burner only. Then the blower kicks in. Cold mornings it will run around 65-70 percent for a half hour of so. Have stepped the temp 3 times. 66, 68 71. 60 while sleeping. Sense has not found it yet. been over 8-10 months. Even in the summer where the blower runs a the same speed.


I think you are right on the induction clamps - most of these fancy new high efficiency AC systems have a double whammy making detection of the full usage harder:

  • infinitely variable speed - so waveforms are even more variable.
  • proprietary smart controllers - that likely don’t have an open API and/or are present in such small numbers that interfacing to them is expensive vs their numbers.

A little off-topic, but my dream is to meld an HS110 with a non-invasive current clamp.

The love child would be able to clamp over any current carrying leg and report it back to Sense.

My idea is to condition the signal from the clamp and inject it where the voltage from the shunt resistor is normally generated. I’m a PE in EE, so I have a reasonable chance of figuring this outt


Since this is the “Product Wishlist” forum for smart thermostats, I would like to see this model added to the list.

I have two American Standard ACONT824 model thermostats that link using the internet through NEXIA.

Please consider adding this SENSE interface to all the other requests for links that interface thermostats. Thanks


I’m very interested in this thread. I installed sense 10 days ago. So far, the only ‘major’ devices identified are one of two water heaters. Appliances identifed are two refrigerators, a microwave and some minor consumers.

Two Trane heat pumps with electric auxiliary heat show up as other along with a second hot water heater. Although the two hot water heaters are different sizes, they have the same heating elements. I am sure they are not lumped together by looking at the consumption patterns.

I thought, until I read hoveringuy’s post, that the heat pumps might be identified early. They are different size (3 ton and 2 ton equivalent from the cooling side). One has three heat strips, the other has two. Both have their own ComfortLink Thermostat. No luck so far. It would be nice if it were possible to be able to add devices to the list, even if they are not picked up by Sense, so that I could keep tabs of usage versus scheduled performance and outside temperature.

I’ll follow this thread with interest.