Turn tagging off?


I know you can turn tagging fro each detected device on the app but for tags that are not associated with a device and just shows watts, can that be turned off also?

The web app has been problematic for me so that’s why I’m asking about the app.


What tagging are you talking about?


See the tag for 264 watts? I get tags for all kinds of wattages, all the way down to 11 watts.

Correction, here is one for -5


I don’t think you can turn off the tags that are not associated with a device. The Power Meter tags significant jumps and falls in power over a short period of time. I would bet that those non-associated tags represent possible on/off events as Sense tries to find patterns, because they were pretty much there from day 1 with the product, plus Sense associates them with many found devices.


That’s what I was thinking. That they are significant because they are events and could be used for detecting. It is just a minor annoyance until the web app works. I have no idea why it does t work for me like it does for everyone else


There is no way to disable them.

Personally I find them useful as it gives you quick visible reference to a major wattage change.

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Your right @MachoDrone they are useful most of the time. But the web app doesn’t work properly for me and the view of the timeline of the web app is what I’m wanting to see right now, it’s clean and without clutter.
It’s minor and I’ll just deal with it while I wait for a fix.


Doesn’t work properly, as in, what’s happening?

If it just won’t load for you, try a different browser. I recommend Opera.

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I’m using both Edge and Firefox on Windows 10 and all
are fully up-to-date.
The timeline won’t stay updated so real time doesn’t work, I
have to constantly use the right arrow and now buttons back
and forth to see what is truly happening “now”.
Here are 2 screenshots. Take a look at how it’s set on the 15-minute
tab but shows the day view. Also note the windows time and how
it corresponds to the timeframe shown by sense.
You kind of have to look close to see what I’m talking about with
the discrepancies.
Then look at the what the graph looks like in the other screenshots.

Have you seen anything like it?

The app isnt much better with the connect the dots and lines appearence


Give Opera a shot. It’s a much more lightweight (less ram and CPU usage) browser than all the competitors right now, but still has all the features most expect.

See if the issues continue on Opera.


Thanks to both @MachoDrone and @oshawapilot for their
advice using the Opera browser. I was only using Edge for
sense as it’s not a browser I care much for.
I’m only a few minutes into using Opera but it is keeping up
real-time like it should.
While the timeframe from 8:56-9:11 does match exactly to the
current time. it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to be able to leave
it alone and let it play across the screen and now that is possible.

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I really do like Opera. I’ve been through all the browsers over the years (well, ones compatible with OSX at least, I’m a Mac user) and have been with Opera for a few years now. I used Chrome before (and really loved it for quite a few years as well) but it got so resource hungry that it was ridiculous - I’d often find it consuming 10+ gigs of ram even with only 5-6 tabs open. The same thing happened with Firefox years ago, which at the time was the reason I switched to Chrome.

Opera has been pretty consistent so far as remaining resource friendly, ticks all the boxes with compatibility and features, and is updated super frequently.

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I’ve been playing around with it and exploring. I also have had just about every browser and Firefox was a favorite for many years but is just not the same anymore. I went back to IE for quite awhile and just started using a mich newer Firefox and Edge when I got sense. I even had Safari back whe it was supported for Windows (years ago). Like you I found Chrome to be severely over bloated and if you want even a touch of privacy, forget any google product.
I appreciate the opera suggestion. I had tried it on an iPhone at one time but don’t remember why I haven’t used it, probably just because I like Safari. It does look like this is a browser I can use universally for a change.


Any ideas on why my iPhone app has what I’m calling connect-the-dots?
When I open the app from closed or open from running in background, it looks fine for just a second. From that point on it looks like the images.


Well, Opera is now also having problems.
The time line is still moving but if you look at the graph time versus
Windows time, Sense is an hour behind.
The appearance Of the Sense graph/time line does not look right
What is going on that nobody else is having these viewing issues
from the App and Web App?


Are you writing into Support about your web app issues and that strange “connect the dots” glitch in the Power Meter?


I have emailed support providing details
And screenshots. I usually try to see if
There are answers here first @RyanAtSense.

It doesn’t appear that anyone else is experiencing the same issues.


I’ve had web app and iOS app graphing “artifacts”, like yours, in the past. None today, but I have reported them and they seem to go away…


Not to derail from the topic title, but to your specific question
One thought on the web timeline not staying current - Are you leaving the tab with Sense in front, or does it go to background as you do other things?

I know Chrome added features a while back to limit what background tabs can do to save on memory / CPU / energy. I believe most of the other browser manufactures have started doing the same to increase performance out of the apps in the continual race of “but we have the fasted browser”.
No need to let a tab keep refreshing advertisements or running badly written JS in the background when the tab isn’t in focus.

On the flip side, is it possible that Sense has added a timeout on the web app to close the connection , pause real time updates when the tab is in the background to save on their resources.
Same idea. Why keep streaming a connection to a tab that is in the background.

Just a thought


I ha e no idea why it’s happening @ben.
The pave is in front and nothing else is going on. It’s dedicated to that page and setup to view like TV.
Nobody has been able to tell my why and I have had suggestions that seemed to work like the opera browser that worked temporarily. That’s the same expo ha e with very brower, I’ll have a working timeline for awhile and at some pint it changes. I don’t know if you’ve also seen what’s happening with my app with the connect-the-dots issue.
Tech has known about the issues for probably a week and haven’t figured it out yet.