Two months in, my experience

100% newb here, just installed my Sense a couple hours ago. What is the purpose of your resetting that you’re doing?

Hi Rick,

I’m just curious to see if I can influence/speed up the detection rate of my devices. Short answer is: yes, but it’s not really worth the extra effort.

Seems like anything that is detectable eventually will be detected as long as it 's used enough times.

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In my experience, Sense is great at finding most “traditional,” less-efficient or high current appliances. After 8 months, it found halogen lights, dishwasher, dryer, vacuum, pumps, and oven. BUT, it still hasn’t found my mini-split systems that ran all summer, induction cooktop, convection oven, LED lights, ceiling fans, or fridge (but it did find the fridge’s defroster).