Upcoming support for an outdoor Smart Plug?

I need to get a smart plug that is outdoor compatible. I was hoping that it’ll become compatible with sense later (since none of the ones supported now is outdoor compatible). This one from TP-Link is:

Any indication about whether Sense will try to expand support to more plus from the same manufacturers you support already?

Or any other outdoor smart plug that you may support soon and you could point me to? Or a date by which one may be supported?

It doesn’t monitor power so isn’t much use for sense users. When a model comes out that supports power monitoring then it will likely be supported.

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I am really pleased with one I bought on Amazon which does the same thing for $20

Good catch. I reached out to TPLink, but they said that they did NOT plan to produce an outdoor smart plug with energy monitoring. So I ended up getting this one which does have it:


This communicates with the Smart Life App. It would be great if Sense could communicate with the many devices that use it.


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