Updated IOS App, now sense underreporting usage

Very strange.

While I’ve also been having trouble with sense actually detecting anything (6 months in and still only 1 device reliably detected) that’s not what this is about.

I installed the latest IOS update in order to be able to opt-in to the new network scanning feature (I’m hoping it will help with my problem above), and immediately after updating, sense is only reading approx half of my power usage.

Prior to the update, it was pretty close to the reading that my smart meter was indicating (I have the DTE Insight device and app that gives me near-real-time from DTE Energy.

The other strange thing is that my IPAD still has the older version of the sense app and it is now also underreporting usage.

Has anyone else seen this? It’s definitely related to updating the IOS app on one of my devices…the readings went from accurate to approx half in the 1 minute it took to update the app.

If you go to Settings/Sense Satus, are you seeing readings from both CTs under Signals?

I had an issue over the last few days where one of the CTs stopped reporting, which resulted in the readings being about 50% of what they should have been. I disabled Network Detection and power cycled my Sense, which restored the correct readings.