Uptime notification

Has been addressed before.
Because of extreme weather we had a glitch in the power supply at around 6AM this morning.
We had 5.5"/14 cm of water in 12 hours coming down.

According to local social media, a High Voltage pole came down which caused a shut down for about 90 people and possibly a re-route of supply in our neighborhood.
The outage was long enough to get blinking time display on our induction stove etc.
Nothing in Labs (yet)

I have a secure load panel with hybrid inverter & batteries so 90+% of the devices in our home did not even notice the power outage. Of course the Sense monitor is not on the secure load panel.

I would like to be able to see when the last time the Sense monitor was rebooted/powered on.
Either by power cycle or reset after firmware update.

Kind of weird that the unit is able to measure/detect phase changes in milliseconds, but is not able to notify when seconds of power outage have happened.

Could this be added to the wish list please ?


This graph became available today from LABS that probably includes the power outage.

I don’t think the outage was an hour though.
According to my router we lost internet connectivity according around 5:53AM.


Stay dry down south… That’s a lot of water for LA !

I agree with your Wishlist suggestion. My take is it belongs in the Power Quality chart. I like how Ting tracks power outages. Would love to see similar from Sense.

I think I’m going to roll all the Power Quality requests up into a single “Power Quality Productization” Wishlist item that links to all the requests.

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