Usage Graph Drill-down

Today I was looking at my usage graph, and saw a huge spike in usage (over 7000w). I’m pretty sure my wife was busy doing laundry or cooking dinner, or using some other energy hog (maybe multiple at a time). I was able to move the graph to that occurrence and see values, but no way to drill-down to see what devices were in use at that time. It would be awesome if I could pick a point in time, and have it display the “bubbles” view (or probably even better, the active device list, with wattage at that point in time).

This way, I could look through previous days usage, and start to really identify what is spiking energy. Right now, if I don’t catch it on, it’s hard to see where it’s being used.


I had this same issue and this is how I solved it until it get’s rolled into the UI.!/vizhome/SenseDeviceDrillDown/DeviceDrillDown?publish=yes