Use real time data to start/stop devices


I guess the best way to describe this is an example:

I want to turn on my water heater when my solar production exceeds my usage.

I don’t think that IFTTT would be able to handle this type of thing, so access to real time data wouldn’t completely solve my problem. A Yonomi or Stringify integration with access to real time data could do it though.



What mechanism do you have for turning on/off your water heater? I’ve got a 240v GE switch, and I’ve been wanting to do similar things. The way things are, we’d just be getting a few drops of blood from a stone - we run a pretty tight ship and it’s now harder to think of ways to save money than it is to implement something.


I made my own from a 240V contactor and a wifi switch. I couldn’t find one to carry enough amperage “off the shelf”. I have it on a timer right now, but would like something a little smarter!

My utility company has their own version of net metering. They pay for everything that I feed back into the grid at ~1/3 of what we pay for what we pull out. Not quite how I interpreted the agreement when going into it, but I haven’t figured out how to argue with them yet.