User interface - device identification


Wouldn’t it be nice to tun on a device (e.g. oven) with power meter view open & be able to tap the graph label associated with the meter spike and enter the device name/model…


I’ve just posted about the same:


Yes, a 1000x this. I understand Sense is hoping to parse readings and define appliances algorithmically, but adding a more robust crowd-sourced manual identification process is going to help reduce the loss of dissatisfied users (most due to lack of identifications or poor identifications - give them the opportunity to make up for current shortcomings with Sense via manual identifications) and add more data to the system to refine the algorithms. Users will of course make mistakes which will need to be addressed over time, but short-term I don’t imagine this would outweigh the benefits. Maybe sandbox user identifications created this way until Sense can validate them for sharing more broadly - satisfies all the customers complaining about lack of or incorrect identifications, and continues to feed data into the algorithm process.


Until they add some sort of feature which allows users to self identify appliances - the device is pretty much useless!

After having the unit for almost 6 months it has only identified a dozen or so appliances, only about 30% of my total energy load. If the unit allowed me to label items as they come on - I could shut everything in the house off, then turn appliances on one at a time and labeling them accordingly.

Until such a feature exists - I would not recommend spending the money for a “Sense”.