VESync Smart Plug Integration

Hi all - so I think I’ve finally thrown in the towel after 2 years hoping Sense would improve with device detection. Over 70% of my usage is still classified as Always On and Other, which really diminishes the value in being able to optimize and save with Sense. So …
I am pivoting to hope that a way for it to not be a complete waste of money is the smart plug integration approach. While I’ve seen some of the published ones working real well, I have quite a number of VESync compatible smart plugs that I can see real time usage off of through their app, so they are definitely capable of the task.

Given the etekcity smart plugs are a top Amazon seller in the smart plug category - what would it take to get VESync compatible plugs integrated into Sense?


Do they publish an API? If not I would say “give up”. it’s like pulling teeth to get requested new features from Sense. As long as you like what they are producing, alls good

Two thoughts:

  1. I consider Always On as a form of categorization though it’s a bit orthogonal to device-based categorization.
  2. I’m guessing it would take a very similar API to the currently supported TP-Link or Wemo plugs, plus plenty of customer demand to add yet another flavor of smart-plug integrations. But it’s tough - If you look at the Wishlist there are a dozen or so different integrations individuals are asking for.

With multiple integrations of different smart plugs would come considerably more complex debugging of inevitable issues. Not all smart plugs are alike and there are many possibilities for things to be very onerous for a small development & support team.