Voltage Bleed over in Electrical Panel onto Solar Breaker for Production Monitoring?

Anyone else have voltage being detected, on their solar production breaker, when there is NO SOLAR PRODUCTION? :open_mouth:

I’m sure it’s some sort of FEEDBACK/BLEEDING over.

I sent in some feedback today to SENSE to see about their being able to do something either with MY SETUP or ALL where if detected Solar Production goes below X (10/20W) whatever makes sense so that my numbers are the more accurate as i’m getting 5-10W constantly.

There was also some issue with my initial setup where the SENSE Backend had to ‘fix something’ in order to get my Solar Setup to proceed as for whatever reason it only detected my ‘inverter being turned off once’ and on that time, it didn’t detect when it was turned on.

Then after that it wouldn’t detect that it was off, even when it measured ZERO Solar Production. I have no idea what SENSE did to fix that. :thinking:

The ‘fix’ during setup is usually Sense matching each of the solar CTs with the corresponding mains CTs, and adjusting the measurement polarities, so everything is consistent.

Most of us solar users do see a small power value coming from the inverter after nightfall. In my case it is around negative 2-3 watts, and probably correlates to power usage of the inverter in “night mode” (standby).