Voltage dips and spikes when sun not shining

I do not get very many “dips”. over the past year I have been casually paying attention when they happen. I do not recall seeing any time when a dip happened in the middle of the day. I have 14KW of solar on the roof with 2 string inverters. I am wondering if the inverters connected to the same panels as the Sense are buffering any dips from the grid? I do not see a way to go back a year and gather all my dips and spikes. Seems I need to record it monthly

Thots? have any of you with solar seen dips during days when the panels produce power?

I’m assuming you are talking about grid voltage dips as measured by the Power Quality detectors. A little while back I was looking at my power quality and 4 of the 5 dips happened during hours when my solar was in operation. But they all occurred during catastrophic failures of the grid followed by widespread outages like this:

Under normal conditions I don’t see many dips or spikes, 1-2 month at most. Grid-tied solar does “push” energy into the house and onto the grid, so it raises the baseline voltage by a small amount, so it could alleviate small dip excursions when it is producing.