Web Page Month Not Showing Current Month

Looking at my Sense data on the web page and the Monthly Trend display for the current month (October) is showing last month (September). Tried clearing cache and using a different browser. No change. Is there an issue seeing the current month?

I see October on both the web and mobile app.

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Curious…The app shows the month correctly but the browser will only show September as current month. I’ll have to dig deeper. Thx

SOLVED! I am traveling and the computer time is in a different time zone. Changing to home TZ and month shows correctly. Does not explain why it is correct on the app on the phone, as the phone is currently showing the local time like the computer. Hmmm…

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What time zone is it still September? :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly! Other odd behavior on the current day display. It is showing yesterday instead. Thinking the browser experience needs some attention.

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