Web UI Scale Changes


When flipping months in the Web UI, the scale changes for some reason. Previous months show a scale to 100 Kw (even though usage never exceeded 40 Kw) and the most current month only shows up to 40 Kw. Makes it a bit harder to compare month to month usage.

There should be some setting to set a static scale or have it auto-scale across the past 12 months. I’d also like a zoom out feature. Maybe I’d like to see what 6 continuous months look like on 1 graph by day interval, not have to flip between months. Then I could get a quick visual on the trend of my usage.


Agree – the changing scale of the graphs combined with the insufficient intermediate grid lines make it very difficult to get a sense of how usage has been changing.

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One hack that might help - you can compose custom queries in web app URLs to select precise time windows. The query below selects viewing for Sep 18-Mar-19 in your local time zone.



Am I reading something wrong in the query? It appears the end is April 1st instead of March 19th.
Is this the only date and time customizable query functions available.
Are there are other functions and parameters would like to see the possibilities.


Start is midnight on 1st of Sept, 2018 and end is essentially the end of the 31st of March 2019 (really midnight of April 1).

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