Website address display variables

I would like to set up a display that would rotate webpages (Building a smart kitchen display using a Raspberry Pi - Stanislav Khromov) to show a couple of sense webpages, but I don’t know if it is possible/how to enter variables into the webpage addresses to display the following webpages:

Power meter (solar) from sunrise to sunset. I have been able to load a webpage showing approximate sunrise to sunset times, but I need to change the date everyday in the address. Is there a way to show the power meter for the current day from around 6 AM to 8 PM? I am currently using this address: Sense

Solar production/usage graph for the day, week or month. The webpage always defaults to the billing time frame.

Thank you.

@619ian ,
Try something like this with start, end and interval parameters. The datetimes with the Z at the end are GMT, so you’ll need to translate to your timezone. Not sure exactly what the “interval” parameter does, but DAY also works.

A little experimentation should show you what’s possible and what’s not.