What's new in v23 and Web App v5.5: Smarts Plugs and Themes


Does the Sense adjust the “Always On” data to take the new smart plugs into account after I have enabled them? Or does it take time for that to happen?

Meaning: If I had something that was categorized as “Always on” in the past, but now it is on a smart-plug, will I see that power usage be accounted for twice via both the smart plug and the always on category, or should that not happen?


It takes a bit of time, but yes, Sense will integrate those smart plugs into Always On. See this thread for the latest updates on that: What's new in v26 and Web App v7: Always On Stats


That link helped, but it didn’t quite answer my question: I’ve attached an example screenshot of my Sense monitor. In the screenshot, the “Servers” bubble is a smart plug (tplink).

So, if you add up the watts of all the bubbles (minus the Solar, of course), the total is higher than the the amount in the left-hand side of the screen. Is there a way to disaggregate the “Servers” smart plug watts and remove it from the “Always on” watts, or do I just have to wait a few days and let Sense do that for me?


I’m guessing you just turned the Tp-Link integration on, based on the News item? If so, yeah, you’ll need to give Sense a bit of time to pull in that data.

But your total can be higher/lower for other reasons, mainly due to Always On being based on a 24-48h lookback window. Thus, even if you managed to turn off every single Always On device in your home at this very second, your Always On would still continue to show 353W. The ‘Now’ wattage is a live reading, and does not include the Always On value in its calculation.


Very helpful! Thank you =).