What's new in v30 and Web App v11

Cool, wish we had a longer set of CT clamps for our solar feed though. Mine is far too short so Sense solar doesn’t work, which also means Sense is wildly inaccurate. (Like a lot of houses in Vermont, the solar feed is in the outside of the house)

We actually do sell extensions cables for your CTs. You can find them here: https://store.sense.com/collections/

That’s awesome! Thanks!

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Hi @RyanAtSense, and @EmoryAtSense,

Really liking the new solar features. Kind of spurred me to re-investigate my solar production and compare against the NREL PVWatt simulator (along with @brettabailey). That got me thinking about how to even get more out of the solar additions. The things that I see as high value are:

  • Linking the new from-grid and to-grid up data with enhancements for billing like ToU. It would be nice to eventually be able to stipulate net metering billing vs. to-grid/from-grid instantaneous billing, and link it to ToU.

  • Add to-grid and from-grid to export - I don’t really need it since I’m on net metering, but if it’s going to be a while before ToU and other billing options, that would at least allow folks to build their own.

  • Capture a little bit of additional information on the solar install, azimuth, inclination and panel capacity for each array, then possibly use something like NREL PVWatts to do what-if analysis vs. against your actual usage. My take is that PVWatts is a little wonky for hourly or even daily prediction, but at the aggregated monthly level, it gives a pretty accurate prediction. I’m guessing the same is true if each ToU time domain is aggregated independently, as would be needed for what-if pricing predictions.

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This is super useful! However, after reading about this I think there is one more thing that could be added.
I live in NY, and my system is installed with net-metering. Which means I only pay for the net power I consumer - the different between what I produce and consume. So, essentially my “sell back rate” is the as what I purchase power for. Also, peak times and variable rates don’t come into play.

Having said that, can this option be added so that the Powered by Solar % calculation = Production/Usage for those with net metering? There are very often days where I produce the amount I consumer, or even exceed my consumption!

I agree. I have 1 to 1 Net Metering of my Solar. So I found the ‘powered by solar’ confusing. I would love an option to change it be reflective of that every 1kWh I send to the grid, I get back later. So today my ‘powered by solar’ should be 100% because I produced more than I used. Instead its telling me 37% ‘powered by solar’ because a lot of my usage is outside sunlight hours (when I’m at work)


This particular wish is probably not a big need. You can see the numbers you’re looking for in the usage-by-week (or month) view, and really that’s all you (we:PA net-metering is as good) need. The instantaneous data could be more important for us in future; take it as a learning opportunity.

This! Please make this an option in the app/web interface for those of us who are in net metering states!

*TLDR; *
If I log in and do nothing, it’s fine. The second I click on anything or request info it asks for credentials. Seconds after just asking for them. An endless cycle.

Did something change in the webapp yesterday/today? I am using fluid to display the stats on my desktop and using a python script to pull info and show changes (solar and current consumption) on a magicmirror. I made a while back.It has been working perfectly since Sept of last year. As of today, both are requesting me to resend my credentials every time they refresh for info or click a tab. The same goes for Chrome & Firefox.

(The Fluid app is separate from the Python script. The fluid app runs on my desktop. The python script runs in a docker and parses out info so that the mirror can display them. That script does that once an hour.)

Just want to 100% verify: you’re not only having these issues with your Python script, but also when you’re in the web app itself? I’m not experiencing any issues on my end and haven’t heard any other similar reports.

Sorry for not explaining clearly and the long delay for a reply.

Everything requires me to re-login after 5mins or so.

  • The web app (Safari or chrome), after either leaving it idle after 5 mins or clicking to another tab. Asks for credentials. Mine you the Watts and Solar numbers are still realtime updating.

  • The Fluid app same behavior.

  • The Python script polls once an hour for consumption and production. Each time it gets asked for credentials. Never did that before. It would sign-in on startup, and seemed to happy about the once an hour refresh.

Before I was able to login once and as long as the session was active it would not ask for about a week.

Aside from Chrome, the user-agent is configured as Safari 12.

I’m going to shoot you a PM so we can gather a bit more info. If anyone else is seeing similar issues, please let us know. I haven’t seen any other reports.

Hey, I’ve recently been having to re-login to the web app every once in a while as well. My Theme and Dark Mode settings are reverted when this happens too. I haven’t seen any pattern to it and it’s just the web app.

Happens to me as well using Chrome on Mac. Usually once a day I have to sign back in.

Thanks for the reports. If anyone is continuing to see this issue, please write in to the the Support team.

Now that I have a few months under my belt with solar I am starting to see some credits from the power company, From the Whats new in v30 it seems there should be some history of what is pushed back to the grid. How do I get to the Usage card to get amount sent to grid? Is this available from my tablet or only the web version?

Thanks, Bob