What's new in v30 and Web App v11

Cool, wish we had a longer set of CT clamps for our solar feed though. Mine is far too short so Sense solar doesn’t work, which also means Sense is wildly inaccurate. (Like a lot of houses in Vermont, the solar feed is in the outside of the house)

We actually do sell extensions cables for your CTs. You can find them here: https://store.sense.com/collections/

That’s awesome! Thanks!

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Hi @RyanAtSense, and @EmoryAtSense,

Really liking the new solar features. Kind of spurred me to re-investigate my solar production and compare against the NREL PVWatt simulator (along with @brettabailey). That got me thinking about how to even get more out of the solar additions. The things that I see as high value are:

  • Linking the new from-grid and to-grid up data with enhancements for billing like ToU. It would be nice to eventually be able to stipulate net metering billing vs. to-grid/from-grid instantaneous billing, and link it to ToU.

  • Add to-grid and from-grid to export - I don’t really need it since I’m on net metering, but if it’s going to be a while before ToU and other billing options, that would at least allow folks to build their own.

  • Capture a little bit of additional information on the solar install, azimuth, inclination and panel capacity for each array, then possibly use something like NREL PVWatts to do what-if analysis vs. against your actual usage. My take is that PVWatts is a little wonky for hourly or even daily prediction, but at the aggregated monthly level, it gives a pretty accurate prediction. I’m guessing the same is true if each ToU time domain is aggregated independently, as would be needed for what-if pricing predictions.