Why Android App Under the "Meter Tab" doesn't keep the Screen ON while in use?

Hello All-

There are TWO possible issues that I feel should be fixed or updated by the Sense Team! Please educate me if I am wrong!

  1. Android App User: When we are under the “Meter Tab” where App shows Live Data (change on power usage, Devices Turn ON and OFF, etc. on the Graphs), the Screen and so do the Android Phone itself gets Locked after Time specified on the Lock Screen feature per the Android Settings under the phone. Meaning, I cannot keep the app running without touching it once after some time otherwise phone will get locked. This should not happen. App screen (with Live Data) should not shut off on its own based on Phone Lock setting since it is pulling Live data from the Sense server/device. This activity can be compared to Watching a Video for an example. We don’t want Phone to get locked while watching the videos, similarly watching a Live Power usage, I wouldn’t want my phone to get locked or go into sleep mode, etc.

If that makes sense, can you please update Sense app to ignore the phone settings for locking the phone while under live feed data screen?

  1. Similar to Android App Live data contents, why WEB version app doesn’t show change in Power consumptions, Device turn ON and OFF notifications, etc.? Ideally they are the same data, Web version should also show changes in power consumption, device turning ON and OFF, etc. on the live data feed page of the Web version!

If you think it should, can you please implement that change into the web version app as well to match same data format shown for the same feature?

I have shared screenshots of both items listed above.