Why does Sense/IFTTT say "This Applet usually runs within an hour"?



I’ve spoken with Ryan via FB chat and reached out to a couple different avenues for support in this, however I am leaning towards that something with Sense is preventing my IFTTT actions from running within a timely manner.

In short, I am using IFTTT to adjust my thermostat when a Device such as Dryer comes on. I thought maybe it was Ecobee, or IFTTT, but I am nearly convinced this is something on Sense’s end.

  1. I don’t understand why IFTTT says the Sense applet “This Applet usually runs within an hour”. Why so long? All of my other applets say within seconds.

  2. This includes a Sense “competitor”, Smappee. I got my hands on one (I work in the utility industry) and even though its user-friendliness and overall look doesnt even come close to compare to Sense, it’s IFTTT actions WILL run within seconds and will run consistently.

So what is the difference? And again, why does IFTTT think that Sense’s applets usually run within an hour? Thanks…