Dryer only runs for 17 minutes


Sense found my gas dryer. The weird thing is it says it only runs for 17 minutes each time. Ever when I started it for 30 seconds to verify it was the dryer it showed it running for 17 minutes. It seems to be accurate as far as the number of times it runs each day. I’ve tested it a couple of times by starting it for just a minute or so and it still shows it running till it get to 17 minutes. Any ideas?


How long ago did it find it? When sense first found my gas dryer I was experiencing something similar, but I just left things be and eventually it did refine the detection and it’s now much more accurate.


It’s pretty new. Maybe less than a week. I will give it time and see what happens. Thanks


Sometimes Sense “detects” the On signature more reliably than the Off signature, at least in the early going. The. You see the Off happening due to a device-chosen timeout rather than the real Off.