WiFi 10 character password limit as of 9/16/2017



In case anyone else runs into this, there is a 10 character password limit on the wi-fi password with WPA-PSK (TKIP)/WPA2-PSK (AES), at least on this AT&T U-verse router model 5268ACFXN. Add an 11th character and sense will not connect.
The router is less than 10’ from the antenna and electrical panel.
I saw at least one other post that mentioned a limitation, but not as plainly as this.
Hope this helps!


@duotronic, our password character limit is actually 58 characters so I’m not too sure what happened there… If you’re still experiencing Wi-Fi issues, reach out to our support team here: https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, and they can help troubleshoot!


I found for my solar monitoring, it did not like a space in my WiFi’s SSID name. Changing it to an underscore made it work. Anything similar with the character limit?


Hey Miracj,

That is a great point. My SSID includes a space character. I will try removing the space character from the SSID and see if I can use the 11 digit password length.



Indeed. Once I replaced the space character with an underscore I was able to use a longer wi-fi password [WPA passphrase].


This is a significant issue. I have 74 devices on my network and about 40 are IoT devices that are a major pain to change their wifi password.

Of course I have a space in my WiFi SSID. I have got around this by creating another (I hope temporary) network without the space in the SSID which made sense work reliability.

Is there any schedule for fixing this bug?


To be clear - there’s no issue with a space (or multiple spaces) in the wifi SSID. The issue with spaces is in WPA2 (AES encrypted) passwords.


This is not what I am experiencing,

I am clearly seeing the sense monitor dropping off the network when the SSID contains a space character. When the SSID is edited to not include a space, the connection is stable. Same password, same access point is used for each SSID. FWIW the password is 9 characters long. My testing shows no correlation between the password length and the reliability of the sense on the network.

Test environment is using WPA2 and ubnt AC-PRO SHD access points.

So in my environment there is clearly an issue with spaces in the SSID.


Thanks for the heads up! Our engineering team was able to reproduce this issue and is looking into it further. A fix likely won’t be released until after thanksgiving but rest assured it’s on its way!


Any updates on this upcoming update?


Hey Kevin,

Had be meaning to reach out so thanks for the reminder! Our engineering team took a closer and couldn’t reproduce the exact issue after all. To investigate further, could you send me (either here or in a private message):

  1. What SSID(s) you tried, and what day & time you tried it. If you don’t remember, would you mind giving it another try?
  2. Also, if any of the wifi details have changed.


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