WiFi Password Character Limits

I am wondering if the issues with the Sense’s password limits have been addressed in an update of the Sense’s firmware.

I am having problems applying a 63 ASCII character WiFi password to the Sense. After looking around on the Sense forums I found the post from a while back.

The Original Poster fixed their issue by removing a space character from his WiFi password, but in a follow-up post, BenAtSense reported that the Sense device has a character limit of 58. This does not follow the 802.11i specification, so I can only assume that it is a flaw.

According to the 802.11i specification:

A pass-phrase is a sequence of between 8 and 63 ASCII-encoded characters.

My Sense has been disconnected for quite some time due to this flaw. I would like to get it working again. I just want to know before I get started trying to get it functional again if this flaw has been addressed.

Furthermore, if there is a technical reason that Sense cannot use the 802.11i standard I would like to know what that technical reason is, and what the Sense’s actual character limit is, and which characters must not be used.


Just out of curiosity John,
Why such a complex password?
I live 11 miles from the closest store so don’t have any issues with my network being breached.


I think a better question would be. Why is Sense not following the 802.11i spec that literally everyone else in the world follows, and using an arbitrary character limit?



Sorry John,
I didn’t mean that to sound like you don’t have a valid question. I had a question about encryption early on and the use of 128 bit instead of 256. I didn’t ask because it’s not a real issue for me.
I was just personally curious.
Your reason could be as simple as “because they say they follow the standard”

Truthfully, this hasn’t been something that’s really come up, but it’s possible to fix. Could you create a Support ticket so we can route it correctly through our bug reporting and the Support team can get a bit more info from you?


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Thanks for the reply. I created a support ticket.



Just want to settle the confusion on this:

There is no character limit for WiFi passwords usable by Sense. Sense can connect to WiFi networks using 63 character passwords without any issues at all. This has been the case for quite a while.

The present issue seem unique to the OP and Support will work with him to solve it.