WiFi Network Timeout/Recovery


They didn’t specify that. As far as I could tell, my Sense device was successfully getting an IP from the WAP because that piece never went down. I even kicked Sense off the WAP and saw it rejoin succesfully, so I’m guessing it’s Internet access to hit the Sense servers.


Latest update on the saga of my monitor going offline last week. Support did follow-up again after the initial ‘less than helpful’ response I received and decided to just send me a replacement monitor in hopes that might resolve the myriad of issues and poor performance I’ve experienced (or maybe just to shut me up :wink: ) since my installation in May 2018.

I completed the swap today and the new monitor is now in Check & Verify stage but does seem to be recording usage. It saw the Hue bridge within minutes and that integration worked smoothly. I’ll be shipping the other one back this week for Sense to either evaluate or dispose of as they see fit.

Hopefully whatever resulted in my poor experience leaves the house with that original sensor (I had it for over a year before it got installed in May 2018) and I begin to have the positive experience so many others have had.


Glad to hear Support was able to help and hopefully things go more smoothly with the new monitor. Keep us posted.


I’m also experiencing this just recently, after rebooting my Unifi APs. I never lost internet, but the APs did briefly get rebooted. I did this as part of changing which 2.4 GHz channels they were using. It possible Sense doesn’t handle channel/frequency changes very well without a reboot?


It seems the new monitor is making no difference at all in the discovery issues and support has stopped responding and providing updates to a case opened 2 months ago. It seems like I just need to lower my expectations and accept that this is all I’ll get.