Lost Wi-Fi connection

Hello, first time posting. I’ve had Sense installed for about a week now. Very interesting seeing where my energy is being wasted. Still learning.

Yesterday my Sense device lost its Wi-Fi information. I followed the instructions. Nothing helped until I follow test network step, where I noticed that it had no IP assigned.

What would have caused this to happen? No power failure or Wi-Fi issues.

Thank you

Maybe DHCP lease terminates for your Sense monitor’s current IP address and your DHCP server has problems re-issuing or providing another ?

It’s a good thought but I would have similar issues with other devices. I guess if Sense has issues with DHCP it will happen again.

My case Sense lost Wi-Fi network identification, if it was a DHCP issue it would still have the network configuration.

Is there a way to check when there was a firmware update?

Thank you