Wiser Smart Plug numbers seem to be way off

I have a bunch of Wiser Smart Plugs that replaced old Wemo Insight Plugs. The numbers reported by Wiser seem to be way off. Looks like it reads a spike in power consumption upon turning on but records it in 100kW or even up to 1MW, which I’m pretty sure my house can’t supply. Where do I go to even start troubleshooting this?

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This is a known defect with the Wiser devices. There are a number of SENSE users with this problem. You can enter a ticket to: wisersupport@sense.com Reference this forum post.

Also there is a ‘Wiser forum post’ with users who have noted this same problem. Build yourself an account and add your comments to the manufacturer’s Schneider Electric Wiser Forum:

Wiser X Series Plugs and Switches With Wiser Energy Shows Clearly Wrong Power Spikes ! - Communities

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Sense support told me this:
" The issues are occurring on our end of the app. Sense engineering has been notified of the issues with the Wiser smart devices and is going to prioritize this work."

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I know that this issue has been answered (and bug is being worked on), but I had to post a humorous screenshot that shows the issue in stunning :wink: Note the size of the other bubbles.

At first I thought my app was accidentally zoomed in too far. But after a little fiddling I got to see the big picture in the bubble diagram…