X1000 Voltage Dips & Spikes

How was your issue detected?:
I only noticed this by looking at the labs graph
Did you noticed any other signs of this issue around your home?:
No issues at all
Screenshots from Sense Lab

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    No Notification of problem from Sense

I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong location as although I have had my Sense for 2 years being new to this I only now noticed the Labs section & this forum.

The only indicator of an issue has been the graph & data on Sense. I have not had any adverse effects indicating a problem.
I have a dual Panel system with a 26kW Generac whole house generator & automatic transfer switch connected
My home has only 6 double pole 220volt breakers

  1. Hot Water Heater 30 Amp
  2. Pole Barn subpanel 100 Amp
  3. Heat Pump 2 1/2 Ton 30 Amp
  4. Heat Pump 2 1/2 Ton 30 Amp
  5. Heat Pump 3 Ton 30 Amp
  6. Sense Monitor 20 Amp

I had all 3 heat pumps replace last February (TRANE units) by a reputable HVAC company, & Generac installed the Generator last November. When the Generator was installed the Neutrals & Grounds were separated at the main panel. The electrician explained this needed to be done because by installing an automatic transfer switch, the main panes are now technically sub panels

Looking at the graph, it looks like a loose neutral issue but all my connections were attached by the electrician at the panel & verified by me as tight. All outlets & switches in the house were replaced with decora switches. Nothing pushed in all looped & confirmed tight.

2 years ago, when I bought the house, The inspector noted the wires feeding the house from the pole looked thinner. I called the power company & they confirmed they wires were 2 gauge, & they were replaced with 0 gauge.

This is where I stand now. My questions are:

  1. Is it possible the Sense lab data is in error?
  2. Does Sense have the ability to recall data further than what I can see? (I would like to see when this issue began).
  3. What should be my next move to investigate further?

Any help would be appreciated.

Try the procedure recommended here before anything more complex.

I appreciate the help.
Just want to be sure. By “restart” do you mean to basically turn the sense breaker off, or is there a process to reset the unit back to factory settings?

Good question! Yes, there is a difference between restart and reset. You have the right idea: just turn off the breaker for 20 seconds or so. There is also a way to reset to factory settings, but that is not what you want for this issue. That would be more of a last resort than the first thing to try.

Thanx Jeff, I’ll give it a shot. Hopefully this will be the problem.

your suggestion hit the nail right on the head. Apparently, there is no issue.


I’ve had so much work done on this house it was afraid someone messed up somewhere.

Appreciate the help Jeff.


I think there is an issue.
The Sense device is making up things that aren’t there and it is pretty confusing.
You should open a ticket.

Do you have to stop and start your car while driving ?

This is not normal behavior in my opinion and should be addressed and fixed

Power quality reports are part of Labs in Sense, so the developers already know it isn’t fully functional. I’m not sure opening a ticket would help.

How long has this behavior been reported to sense?

What has been done in the meantime to limit this behavior?

The squeeking wheel gets the oil.

Report report

My graph looked like this and I attributed it to weak/poor wifi. I added an additional AP in my house (closer to panel/sense) and now its tight as can be, reporting 0-3 and “less than most sense users”