Sense detected my kitchen fridge was failing!



Sometime on Friday (10/20/2017) evening, my kitchen fridge tripped the GFCI breaker it is on. I’d flip the breaker on, and it would trip immediately. Unplugged the fridge, and the breaker stayed on - so I knew the issue was with the fridge, and not anything else on that circuit (keurig coffee maker and a toaster oven).

For two weeks before that, I noticed an abnormality in how the fridge was detected as drawing power in the Sense app. I put this down to a Sense problem rather than a fridge issue - after all, the milk was still cold and it still made ice. I pulled the fridge out on Saturday, removed all the dust balls, pulled the fan, cleaned it thoroughly and reassembled the whole thing. Plugged it back in, and the fridge has gone back to working normally.

Moral of the story - I should have payed heed to Sense.

The attached picture does a better job of explaining the observation that my post …


Thanks for sharing!