1 second power disruptions

For whatever reason, the area I am now living in seems to have a brief 1 to 5 second power glitch at minimum every other week. Even in the shortest instance that resets everything in the house, sense still shows nothing in the Power Quality.

The latest 1 second glitch was on 9/22 at 9AM, yet nothing is really indicated in the Power Quality report (besides no data) as I suspect the Sense rebooted during that time.

Considering the data not uploaded prior to a power reset being lost and the time for an ONT to power up, a router to power up, a multi switch with POE to power up and finally the APs to power up and link up on the net to get situated out, and finally the KASA units et all to log in and get situated, it’s quite a production. Yet I’ve still not felt it worth putting on an UPS yet.

Bottom line, shouldn’t the Power Quality Voltage Dips and Spikes be showing something when I have a momentary glitch? Looking at what is listed, one would assume I have more stability than most users.

Sorry if I’m missing anything in your explanation of the situation, but if the Sense is losing power before it can upload any data, how could the Power Quality graph show anything?

If your power sags in your house are very clean and quick (which it sounds like) , the Sense would not be able to transmit the sag that caused it to drop off line, and power would have stabilized by the time it finishes rebooting and recording data again, so everything appears fine other than the gap in data.

Very aware of why it’s happening. If there was a flag recorded in the code on an abnormal shutdown or at certain voltage levels that could be read upon restart and denoted as such…something of the sort. Sad there isn’t a capacitor that could power unit for 1-3 seconds on power loss. Otherwise the data is incomplete and totally misleading.