Power Outage Detection

For whatever reason, the area I live in seems to lose electric power for a second or two once a twice a week.

Very frustrating.

And there is no record of it in Sense.

Obviously Sense isn’t on a UPS.

But at the very least, couldn’t a startup of the unit be recorded along with possibly the last time the unit had power?

I know my router does this.

I also have frequent power blips that last 2-3 seconds. This is just enough time to reboot Sense. It usually causes 15-30 minutes of data loss and obviously if that happens a handful of times per month, my usage data ends up underreported. I contacted support and they said that it was just a hardware limitation due to the volatility of it’s storage. What I don’t understand is how I could have the app open, see all the data in realtime, but then if I have a power blip, lose a chunk of data that just showed up in the app!

Maybe it can upload more frequently - does it use some kind of pusub model?

My insurance company gave me a trial of a device called Ting, which you plug into an outlet and it measured for arc faults, and was really good about detecting voltage (obviously not at the mains) and power outages