169w every 3-4 sec?

Not (yet) detected, uses around 169w, on 3-4 sec, off 3-4sec. Lasts 15min-2hrs random times night & day.
Doesn’t appear to be related to anything anyone is doing at the time.

Does this look like some type of charger?

Thought it may have been one of my Dewalt 20v chargers, unplugged them made no difference.
I have half a dozen UPS backups, so I doubt it’s one of them.

Haven’t had the chance (and a good time) to start flipping breakers.

Definitely looks like something trying to maintain a certain temperature. A Keurig is the first thing that comes to mind.

I like @ramon’s idea, but suspect heating element would stay on longer.
My guess is a trickle charger. UPS? Cell phone? Kindle? Cordless Vacuum? iRobot?

That’s a huge amount of power for something like a trickle charger

I do have most of those devices.
Keurig is on a smart plug and remains off when not actually in use. So it’s not that.
Small 5v phone type USB chargers shouldn’t use more than about 25w at most.
Roomba was misbehaving (only turning right) so we’ve kept him crated (in a box) unplugged for over a month.

I do think it’s some type of charging device but like Andy said that does seem like an awful lot of power for something small.

I doubt it’s one of my UPS’s unless it’s dying a horrible death.

Because it hasn’t been identified by Sense as an individual device I can’t set an alert and it’s so random I can’t just stop everything and shut off breakers if I do happen to notice it.
If it is a charger I imagine it might start back up trying to top off whatever it is if I leave the breakers off for a little while. Having a good opportunity to do that might be a while.

could be a fish tank heater if you have a fish tank

Might I suggest a a heating pad. My wife has several (modern digital control style) and the curve looks exactly like this. At this point I can reliably tell she is using one by the characteristic sawtooth appearance of my power graph.

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