What type of device would do this?

I’ve seen similar looking data on heated toilet seats or for that matter anything with a trickle heat.

Since your view is off all consumption let me ask, has that device been detected? Since we don’t know it’s total consumption it can be hard to tell what it is specifically. For example if it’s only using 20w vs 100w. Also, I assume you’re asking because of the spike like behavior.

I would look for any type of battery charging devices, too; like laptop, power tools, or similar.


Some type of charger like this would be my 1st guess.

Or a robot vacuum or power tool charger.

Agree with above post. My laptop charger does this if the laptop doesnt go to sleep properly (which is every night because it’s a POS).

lol, don’t be so quick to blame your laptop, my desktop does the same thing and ignores the power settings in Windows. I’m sure I could easily fix the issue, seems the only time I remember is when my brain is already asleep and my body is close behind.